The TEC Advantage

The TEC Advantage is our proven leadership development model created from extensive research, insight from thousands of members and decades of work with senior executives.

The power of TEC membership is found in four core areas: Confidential Group, One-to-One Mentorship, Business Thought leadership and Global membership.

The Results

The return on time and financial investment in TEC is more than simply outperforming your competition; it's also about achieving a work-life balance and making an impact in your community. TEC delivers on both your personal and professional goals.

My Groups

TEC groups reflect the diverse career and corporate needs of our members. Every group is carefully developed to reflect the right match between members, Chair and content. My groups have been operating in Ottawa since 2004.

TEC Chief Executive for Leaders of Larger Enterprises 

TEC Small Business For Leaders of Emerging Enterprises 

TEC Key Executive for Senior Executives reporting to the CEO 

TEC Canada is affiliated with US-based Vistage International, the world's premier leadership development company. 21,000 members strong. Vistage member companies generate over $300 billion in annual revenue and employ more than 1.8 million people around the world.

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